My goal as a pedagogue is to help my students become their own best flute teacher.  I believe it is my job to give my students the tools they need to become grounded, well-rounded flutist musicians who are both challenged and nurtured during their lessons.

In my lessons, I focus on the fundamentals of flute playing, music theory and history, and general musicianship.  I want my students to become creative and effective problem solvers with the ability to tackle flutistic and musical issues that arise.  Part of that work includes creating strategies for becoming a disciplined practicer who is also a critical listener. The ability to independently (and with a critical ear) practice is a key component for improvement as much of a student's development is going to take place during their practice time.

As a teacher, I want my students to become whole musicians.  I encourage playing in ensembles, competitions, recitals, and chamber music.  Students are expected to listen to other musicians (not just flutists!) and attend concerts whenever possible.  

In addition to discussing flutistic matters, I work with my students on a variety of other important aspects of being a good musician. Tackling nerves, how to prepare for auditions/competitions, long term planning for specific goals, and ensemble decorum, are just a few of the other topics that I address in my lessons.

I maintain a private studio out of my home in Cincinnati but also teach lessons using Skype and FaceTime. Lessons are available on both flute and piccolo. If you are interested in a lesson, please contact me at

Private Lessons with Heather Verbeck